IcyPixels Dominating LoL Market Since 2012

League is a very competitive game and its not easy to keep climbing up the ranks. Even though many players are trying their best every single day to clib to the top of the ranking ladder, it still remains a huge challenge for most. So what is the secret of winning in LoL you might ask?

Is it the teamplay, the OP builds, following the meta, or dominating the mid-lane?

The answer is more complex than that, it is a mixture of things combined. And to each skill level there is a specific advice. For example for a complete beginner it is more important to focus on the knowledge and learning abilities and skills. For the intermediate it is more about builds/tactics and improved teamplay. You get the point.

It is a never ending challenge that is inside a very dynamic environment, which is being affected by the updates and innovative ideas. It can be very scary to lose the rankings by becoming a weaker player. This is why it is so important to keep things balanced and follow the meta. But if something unexpected happens don’t be so discouraged, because at IcyPixels we offer a fresh accounts to everyone. So even if you lose the diamond or platnum you can always have a fresh start without falling into ELO hell or being punished by the matchmaking system.

IcyPixels Dominating LoL Market Since 2012

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