Upcoming Skins in League of Legends

In League of Legends, champion skins are definitely one of the most important things bot for players and the developers of the game. Upcoming skins in League of Legends always excite many players all around the world and being able to play your champion with different looks and cosmetics is surely very enjoyable. Sometimes, the Riot’s design team gets so talented that they create spectacular skins and it makes many players willing to pay high amounts of money to get. Also, sometimes the LoL community gives ideas to Riot about the design of the skins for particular champions which makes even a better result in the end. 

Skins in LoL are both beneficial to developers and players as stated before. From the player’s perspective, apart from playing with a variety of looks, the game continues to be free to play! Maybe nowadays and in the recent years, if there were no skins in the game Riot would still be able to keep the game free to play since it grew so much and it can finance the game with the popularity: it can create more official tournaments, offer other products, etc. But the main reason for how Riot and LoL grew since its launch was the sale of the LoL skins. It kept the game free to play and with this strategy, the game got more and more popular. Now it is played by millions, thanks to some digital cosmetics!

Skins in League of Legends are still a big part of financing the game and revenue of Riot Games, so Riot still works a lot on them and continuously releases skins for players to buy. The profit for Riot Games is huge here since their only costs are operational during the creation of these skins. And the sale process is digital which makes it even more profitable. Other than this, even upcoming skins in LoL excite millions of players around the world so the demand for most of the skins is very high. 

How Many Skins does Riot Games Publish?

This really changes with Riot Games’ yearly agenda, considering we get patches almost every two weeks, and six – seven new skins get released with these patches, we get plenty a lot. So don’t worry, you have so many skins options to buy!

To talk annually, Riot Games announced that they are planning to release 140 skins in 2021. The number was near to 140 in the previous year so this can give you a good idea of the average number annually. 

The skins usually get released in packs. For instance, we recently got a Space Groove pack which included the champions Lux, Blitzcrank, Nunu,  Willump, Nasus, Samira, Rumble, Lulu, and Gwen. The concept of the skins in a pack is the same, so different champions in the same pack look alike. This means that they don’t resemble each other that much but it is as if everyone has worn their party clothes. The packs do not consist of the same champions nor the same number of champions, it can all change depending on the pack. Visit this resource https://www.unrankedsmurfs.com/ to learn more about skins and accounts.

What are the Upcoming Skins in the Rest of 2021?

As of the writing of this article, 72 skins were released by the Riot Games in 2021. That means we have approximately 68 skins to expect as players. They get released in every patch, so players don’t have to wait for too long. The Riot Games have published a short video explaining which champions will get skins in 2021. 

You can watch the video from here:

If you check the skin packs that have been released so far, you can see which champions will get skins for the rest of the year. Riot Games gives players the idea of the themes but the detailed version of the skins are usually not released until they are available for PBE testing. Until then, you have to wait but thankfully there are many skins to be released and they get released very frequently.

Upcoming Skins with 11.6 (Near Future)

Since we can see the detailed version of the skins in PBE, Riot announces them before they are available in the game. So here are some of the skins that will come with the 11.6 patches:

Coven Ahri Pack:  Coven Ahri, Coven Ashe, Coven Cassiopeia, Coven Evelynn, Coven LeBlanc Prestige Edition.

Another good news about the upcoming skins is that Riot Games lets players decide what to pick for the next skin themes. This engaging method lets players choose the best themes to release first! Here are the three options Riot gave to the community and how players voted for them:

Crime City Nightmare: 49.6%

Debonair 2.0: 29.1%

Monster Tamers: 21.3%

According to the result of this voting, Riot Games will release Crime City Nightmare first, the Debonair 2.0, and finally the Monster Tamers. So we can expect Crime City nightmare and Debonair 2.0 this year but Monster Tamers can be released in 2022. 

How many Skins are There in LoL?

Currently, there exist 1.235 unique skins in League of Legends. While the majority of them can be found and bought easily, many of them cannot be obtained in official Riot shops. These skins were limited to the sale for a short period of time or they were distributed in some specific events. But don’t worry, there are still a lot of skins to be found and buy!

Upcoming Skins in League of Legends

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