Burnout of a WordPress Theme Author

The burnout syndrome is one of the most dreaded things by people involved in product creation, like product designers, architects and software developers. The burnout effect is making it’s presence felt ever so often in our workplace and our lives.

I’ve meant to write this for a while, but I didn’t have the courage to. I wanted to express this issue and share it with everybody else, but I was afraid I was going to be judged. With this article, I’m trying to explain what I’ve went through, in order to further redeem myself as a person, to what I used to be, before this happened to me.

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A New Beginning

Hi, I’m Paul!

I’ve been involved with WordPress themes in one way or another since 2010. In the past 2 years I’ve been designing and developing honest & beautiful products for icypixels, which then I managed to sell on ThemeForest. During this past couple of years, I managed to have more than 4,000 happy customers, from more than 80 countries. It’s all due to the love that I bring into each of my products, but I reckon, I wouldn’t be anywhere without their support.

It’s been a really long time since you’ve heard anything from me. That’s because I was mostly away, or I wanted to be away and neglected my creative side completely. It didn’t bring me any more pleasure, and that was a huge drawback for the way IcyPixels was going. I suffered from a creative burn out severely for more than 6 months.

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Over 300 newsletter subscribers in just 2 months

Having an e-mail subscriber list can prove to be the most valuable asset to any growing SaaS startup. Some would say every newsletter subscriber counts. However, growing a good and healthy list is actually quite hard when you’re just starting out. Why would anyone be interested in your newsletters?

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Getting efficient at support

Getting efficient at support is a must for every WordPress developer out there. Whether you have to support your own products, or maintenance work, you’ll have to do it fast, in time and with little to no cost of your development time.

Over the course of my existence as a WordPress Designer and Developer, I struggled with supporting my products and I wanted to offer the very best support possible for my customers. After all, they are the one who trusted their money with my products. But they actually trusted me, as a developer, to be there for them.

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How to be successful on ThemeForest?

Howdy everyone!

You’re here to learn how to be successful on ThemeForest, but let me first introduce myself. I’m Paul, a 23 years old Elite ThemeForest Author, making a living out of pushing pixels and creating WordPress themes for sale on the major platform Envato has created. I’ve been a member for almost 2 years now and I managed to establish myself as an Elite Author over the course of my first 13 months. Here are some quick tips in order to get you started with ThemeForest.

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